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Anything Goes Fitness

Anything Goes Fitness is a private personal training boutique in Whitehill’s Shopping Center. We serve all clients, regardless of their limitations. Our trainers are highly skilled, goal-oriented, and driven by motivation. Our business model is founded on the novel concept of integrative care. Our trainers collaborate with you, your goals, your limitations, and your health care providers. We have a large network of licensed professionals who can help you achieve your goals, whether it's physical therapy, nutrition, pain management or therapy, pre or post-surgery care, women's health concerns or issues, or many other specialized care options.

Our mission is to provide our members and clients with fitness options that fit their lives and bodies. We are dedicated to doing what it takes to help you reach your fitness goals no matter what your obstacles may be. Injuries, physical limitations, nutrition struggles, just bored and fed up with your current fitness routines? Let our highly trained and skilled staff reinvent your fitness routine. We offer a semi private fitness location that offers one on one personal training and nutrition.  We also have another location "The Pilates Barre"  which offers private Pilates and a wide selection of Barre classes along with Pilates mat and fusion classes. This allows our members to get that personal one on one attention that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Meet The Team

David Telesco

David Telesco

Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sport and Exercise Nutrition Guru



Jolene Telescco

Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Run Coach,


Why Personal Training?

Have you ever wondered why you would enlist the services of a lawyer when appearing in court? The answer is similar to why you should consider hiring a personal trainer for your gym sessions. Collaborating with a trainer provides a secure environment tailored to your body and limitations, where you can be pushed to your limits. Trainers possess the know-how to transform a workout regimen into an exciting challenge without causing injury or excessive soreness. As highly skilled professionals, they possess an in-depth comprehension of the human body and its mechanics.

Private facility

At our facility, not only do we offer a private setting, but we also house a doctor's office. As a result, we maintain high standards of cleanliness and equipment upkeep. As a private establishment, we take note of everyone's arrival and make a point to greet each individual. We make it our priority to stay updated on your progress and regularly check in with you. Our goal is to ensure that every member feels valued and appreciated, removing any sense of anonymity. We take pride in being a fitness community where every person who walks through our doors is recognized and treated with utmost respect, rather than just a number.

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