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 Looking for a personal trainer to help motivate you or watch over to make sure that you don't injure yourself? Anything Goes Fitness has trainers here that are highly trained and knowledgeable.
Have you heard about Pilates? We can introduce you into a Pilates program if you're a first timer or want to keep yourself on track with an existing program. We can help you with that either in our full studio or our remote location here.
 If you are a fitness fan but you don’t stretch enough Anything Goes Fitness has stretching memberships that will be relaxing and beneficial to get you flexible.
Do you have pain or movement limitations that are keeping you the things that you love? Perhaps corrective exercise is the fit that you need to help balance everything out so that you move better.
If you love small group classes and always wanted to personal train, Anything Goes Fitness offers small group training programs. Meet new friends, or take your current friends. This is the perfect way to train on a budget. Contact us for more information!
Before you start a new exercise routine sometimes you need to work through injury's or mobility issues that need the help of a licenced Physical Therapist. Strive2LIveWell is the one stop shop for those services. Their business model is directed towards helping active adults & athletes of all ages take their life back....even when other treatments have failed. 

Hear What Customers Say 

Cassidy Abbott

Dave and Jolene are awesome! Both are extremely knowledgeable about everything from strength training to nutrition and even assisted stretching (which I recently started doing alongside personal training). With their guidance we are adopting a much healthier lifestyle.

Eileen Siriano

The owners really care about me and I love the fact that there is a variety of classes, different every day, coupled with the one-on-one interaction of personal training, which keep me coming back for more! Over the past 2 years, I have seen definitive results due to their knowledge of proper technique and encouragement. Thank you David and Jolene!

Stanley Jacob

Dave and Jolene are consummate professionals who work with you without judgement. They will coax,prod,tease and of course,train you into shape. One of the best personal trainers I have ever worked with. Highly recommended!!

Free Assessment

Numerous facilities provide an evaluation program where you may come in and talk to a trainer about your goals and become acquainted with the atmosphere for 30 minutes. Our evaluation is different! It is a thorough one-hour appointment. You will work with a member of our staff in a hands-on execution of a four-step exercise program. After that routine, we talk about what we both observed and how your trainer evaluated it plus have a goal-setting session to determine how well your goals and those of your trainer align. When you leave your fitness evaluation, which is above industry standards, you will have a thorough understanding of the course that your tailored training program will take.

Contact us now
for your FREE fitness assessment today.

This applies to newcomers only

No Contracts

We don't believe in binding people to contracts. You are not required to sign a 6-month or 1-year contract that locks you into our training programs or facilities. We believe that our knowledge and welcoming environment will keep you coming back year after year.

Our only contracting policy is a 30-day cancellation notice. You can cancel or change your service plan whenever you want, without the need for doctor's notes or explanations.

A card is needed for booking this assessment. There is a $25 fee for NO-SHOWS we are always happy to reschedule for no charge before your appointment

Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private sessions, semi-private sessions and group classes.

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