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David Telesco


David is a certified Nutritional Specialist through the International Sports Sciences Association. He also has a variety of other certifications through the American Council of Exercise which included CPT and Corrective Exercise Specialist using the Biomechaics Method. He has a passion for exercise and healthy eating. David believes in the power of fitness and proper nutrition to help you change your life and make lasting changes. He has had a long road to achieve his goals. At 23 he topped the scale at over three hundred pounds, and was at a loss how to lose the weight. David drank shakes, ate less, walked but never really gained any results. A friend of his showed him the secrets of bodybuilding. How to eat properly and include weight training with proper cardio workouts. He was hooked and changed his life in a direction he never believed he could achieve. Now years later with a family and busy schedule he still holds true to those beliefs and works every day to help others understand and find their potential. Whether it is weight loss, increased mobility, building muscle, rehabilitating from an injury, or greater balance and flexibility. David has the tools to help you achieve your goals.

“Each day is an opportunity to be successful let me help you highlight them”

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