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Jolene Telesco

Jolene is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association, she is also STOTT Pilates Certified, Barre Certified, and certified through the American Council on Exercise in Orthopedic Specialties and exercise as well as holding various other certifications in movement and exercise.  She has always had a passion for sports and fitness through-out her life, running cross country and track in high school as well as division 1 athletics in college. This love for sports continued throughout her adult life when she achieved her Black Belt in Tang Soo Do at the age of 31.

She is committed to helping others find the path to health and fitness that best fits their bodies and life.  Having suffered from Lupus most of her life she understands and respects that every individuals path towards fitness is unique and special.  That there is not just one way to get in shape and in shape is different for everyone.

Her passion for fitness and health led her to open her own business in 2015 after work for years in a big box gym.  With the vision that fitness should be enjoyable, individual specific, challenging, fun, and most of all, affordable. She opened Anything Goes Fitness with the hopes of providing a semi private facility that has a strong tie to the community, that offers a place for individuals with a comfortable environment to work in, always under the supervision of a certified trainer with a solid focus on the mind body connection.


“Change your mind set, change your body, change your life”

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