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  Our mission is to provide our members and clients with fitness options that fit their lives and bodies. We are dedicated to doing what it takes to help you reach your fitness goals no matter what your obstacles may be. Injuries, physical limitations, nutrition struggles, just bored and fed up with your current fitness routines? Let our highly trained and skilled staff reinvent your fitness routine.


        We offer a semi private fitness location that offers one on one personal training, nutrition and small group classes.  We also have another location "The Pilates Barre"  which offers private Pilates and a wide selection of Barre classes along with Pilates mat and fusion classes. This allows our members to get that personal one on one attention that you simply cannot get anywhere else.


Cassidy Abbott

Dave and Jolene are awesome! Both are extremely knowledgeable about everything from strength training to nutrition and even assisted stretching (which I recently started doing alongside personal training). With their guidance we are adopting a much healthier lifestyle.

Eileen Siriano

The owners really care about me and I love the fact that there is a variety of classes, different every day, coupled with the one-on-one interaction of personal training, which keep me coming back for more! Over the past 2 years, I have seen definitive results due to their knowledge of proper technique and encouragement. Thank you David and Jolene!

Stanley Jacob

Dave and Jolene are consummate professionals who work with you without judgement. They will coax,prod,tease and of course,train you into shape. One of the best personal trainers I have ever worked with. Highly recommended!!

Personal Training 

Prices are per session. Sessions are sold in monthly packages. Discounts apply to multiple sessions per week. Please feel free to contact us for more pricing information.

Corrective Exercise Program

Corrective exercise is a term used to describe the systematic process of identifying a neuromuscular skeletal dysfunction, developing a plan of action, and implementing an integrated corrective strategy. This program will highlight muscular and skeletal dysfunctions that can cause pain and discomfort. Using a structured program to first rejuvenate the affected tissues, introducing stretching, activating the muscles that are not functioning correctly through strengthening exercises that are designed to target specific movements, finally moving into a regular workout routine that will help keep structural changes from regressing. 

Session progression: 

  • All clients will undergo a structural assessment with a follow up email discussing in detail all findings and the recommended treatments.

  • All treatments begin with SMR (Self Myofascial Release)work to prepare the tissues for more advanced work.

  • Progression of SMR work will advance from heat, soft ball work, hard ball work, foam roller before moving into more advanced tissue work.

  • Progression of SMR will advance into stretching tissues to elongate and free up any impinged or difficult movement structures.

  • Stretching will progress into strength and conditioning exercises to teach the tissues to fire and activate properly along with strengthening weak structures.

  • After a 4 month program a full structural assessment will be performed again with highlights of changes in both range of motion and decreases in pain. 

  • Movement into personal training will be the final process of progression from program.

Corrective Exercise

Full Program $1700.00

Monthly Billing $425

Add-on Sessions $85

All Services are subject to CT sales Tax and use at 6.35%

All sales are final and non-refundable- can be transferred

All sessions expire one year after purchase.

Personal Training Packages


30 min. Session 1x a week $180.00 per month 

30 min. Session 2x a week $300.00 per month


60 min Session 1x a week  $250.00 per month 

60 min Session 2x a week  $460.00 per month


Single session prices


30 min- $45.00

60 min- $75.00


Initial Nutrition counseling sessions- 60 min sessions $65.00

Stretching sessions- 30 min $40.00,  60 min $80.00


All Services are subject to CT sales Tax and use at 6.35%

All sales are final and non-refundable- can be transferred

All sessions expire one year after purchase.


Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private sessions, semi-private sessions and group classes.

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